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Clinic examination


For each stage of the study, you will be invited to attend an appointment at either The Queen Elizabeth Hospital or the Lyell McEwin Hospital (click on the hospital name for street map and clinic location details).   The visit generally takes no more than 60 minutes.


It is important that you do not eat for 8 hours before you visit the clinic. This is because some of the tests require you to fast. 


We encourage you to drink water before coming to your clinic appointment - but NOT beverages like tea, coffee or juice. After the tests, the clinic staff would be happy to offer you light refreshments.


At the clinic, the staff will generally:


         Complete your consent forms, and receive your urine sample (to check albumin and creatinine levels as an indication of how your kidneys are working) and the completed questionnaire;

         Measure your blood pressure;

         Measure your height and weight;

         Measure your waist and hip circumference;

         Take a blood sample from you for a blood test - this blood test will measure glucose, cholesterol and zinc levels;

         Conduct a breathing test to measure your lung function - the staff will ask you to breathe through a tube to see how fast you can blow. They will then give you a puff of Ventolin to see if this makes any difference.

In Stage 1 of the study, participants were given a skin allergy test.


In Stage 2 of the study, which had a focus on musculo-skeletal conditions, participants were also given a hand grip strength test, had a digital photograph taken of their hands, were tested for flexibility of their shoulder joints and were asked questions about pain, aching or stiffness in their feet. 


In Stage 3 of the study, in addition to the core tests, participants will be invited to have a hand grip strength test, a short assessment of their understanding of health information, and to have a small sample of their breath checked for airways inflammation. 


Sub Studies


Some people of certain ages or with certain conditions have been asked to be involved in other clinic-based sub‑studies of the North West Adelaide Health Study, such as: 


         Bone density testing for osteoporosis;

         Testing for aortic stenosis in people's hearts; and

         Saline challenge testing for asthma. 


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